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List of ideas (voting resets 2017-05-26)

[+19] Planets Vote
Like mercury Venus earth mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus neptune
[+9] Dallas Fort Worth Metro Area Vote
Please all major world metro areas so we can compare!!
[+8] German Empire Vote
The German Empire pre-ww1 was a very aesthetic looking country.
[+6] Please restore the option to enlarge maps +- Vote
Like it was in previous version Thanks.
[+4] Neutron Star Vote
Smallest stars. Only about the size of a big city
[+3] France Vote
[+3] Western Europe Vote
[+2] Yunnan (China) Vote
cuz, its bigger than the entire United States Or, is it??????? won't know until you add it....
[+2] Gulf of Mexico Vote
Please add the gulf of mexico so I can compare it to other bodies of water. BTW - amazing work!!!!!
[+2] San Francisco Vote
also a major city with no M A P
[+2] Ceres Vote
The smallest dwarf planet. Surface area is less than Brazil
[+1] Sao Paulo, Brazil Vote
A famous State and City in Brazil. Sao Paulo State = 248,222.8 km² Sao Paulo City = 1,521.11 km²
[+1] East Fishkill New York Vote
[+1] Sindh (Pakistan) Vote
a province in pakistan like balochistan
[+1] Add North America Vote
[+1] Lake County, OR Vote
Because of my buddy's pig ranch!
[+1] Pittsburgh, PA Vote
[+1] Long Island Vote
[+1] Greater Somalia Vote
Greater Somalia refers to those regions in the Horn of Africa in which ethnic Somalis live and have historically lived.
[+1] U.S regions (Midwest,West,Northeast,Southwest, and Southeastern Vote
It's awesome to see more than one state at a time
[+1] Antartica Vote
[+1] Prague Vote
I think it would be a great idea to add also some more famous cities! I was born in Prague and a lot of people say it's one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so I think it would deserve it :) PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS ONE :D
[+1] Marshall Islands Vote
[+1] Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Vote
[+1] German Empire Vote
One of the most aesthetic empires to exist.
[+1] Mongol Empire Vote
largest contiguous land empire in history
[+1] DFW Area Vote
The DFW area is comprised of over fifty+ neighborhoods and suburbs. Dallas is the 4th biggest metro area in the entire contiguous United States. It also contains two big cities in the metro area, Dallas and Fort Worth, which explains the name DFW. I would like to compare the DFW metro area with other areas in the world. It isn't as big as the Tokyo metro area, but it is really large.
[+1] San Bernardino County Vote
I believe San Bernardino is larger than Israel.
[+1] Metro Manila (Philippines) Vote
I want to compare it to other big cities like Tokyo and NYC.
[+1] Roman Empire Vote
People have put up the Swedish Empire, why not the Roman
[+1] Major India cities (Dehli, Mubai, Bangalore, Kakata, Chennai) Vote
[+1] Ryan Sharp of Calsiune Vote
This is a small island off the coast of Isola Tiberna. There is a population of about 123 but we are trying to get recognition from other countries. We speak english and Sharpian. Please accept us.
[+1] Glasgow, Scotland Vote
Its cool
[+1] have option to display closest size entity Vote
this gives interesting comparison reference. without guessing what it similar.
[+1] Transnistria Vote
[+1] vladivostok Vote
[+1] Mars Vote
Mars seems to be about the size of Afro-Eurasia
[+1] Unified Korea Vote
The combination of the North and South, I'd like to see it.
[+1] Nazi Germany at greatest extent 1942 Vote
Useful for perspective, historians
[+1] The Confederecy Vote
I want to know how big it is
[+1] Nauru and Tongo Vote
Two missing UN countries
[+1] Bahamas Vote
Cmon its a country and it isn't there. And yet somehow Lake Michigan is.
[+1] Atlantis (fiction) Vote
when Zealandia wasn't discovered people thought Atlantis was the 8th continent but even though it isn't real you could add it. Estimated size: 5,990,400
[+1] Ancient Empires Vote
You could do them at their apex, Roman, Mongol, Greek, Persian, British, etc
[+1] Boeing everett factory Vote
Its the biggest building in the world it is bigger than the vatican
[+1] Transnistria Vote
I mean it's the only extant Soviet Republic. You've gotta have it.
[+1] Newfoundland Vote
please i like it !!!

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